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MR COOL offers a complete line of Heating & Air Conditioning Products. Standard Cooling and Heat Pump Systems.


Mini Split Units -  Includes Packages for the “Do It Yourself “ installs.


Split Units - Interior Air Handlers and Outside Condensers. R22 & R410 products for new and replacement projects.


Packaged Units - Easy to install when replacing your existing unit. 


Air Conditioning & Heating Units

MRCOOL 18 SEER R410A Variable Speed

MRCOOL 14 SEER R410A Packaged Heat Pump

MRCOOL 14 SEER R410A A/C & Heat Pumps

MRCOOL Packaged A/C &  Gas Unit

MRCOOL Ductless Mini-Splits

MRCOOL 14 SEER R410A Air Handler

MRCOOL 80% Gas Furnace

MRCOOL 90% Gas Furnace


Contact Us

Product List

Air Conditioning & Heating Dealers Wanted


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93% AFUE Two-Stage Complete Split System A/C & Gas

80% AFUE Complete Split System A/C & Gas

MRCOOL  14 SEER R410A Condenser

MRCOOL Evaporative A Coil